The finishing of the leathers in Gidue Pellami follows the way of environmental sustainability


Our commitment to the environment and the safety of the way we operate has been confirmed and rewarded by obtaining the LWG certification, which is the world’s first environmental declaration for the leather manufacturing industry.

LWG identifies the best environmental practices in the leather industry and provides guidelines for continuous improvement.

We are proud to say that our company achieved a management system score of 90.04% according to LWG Subcontractor Audit, placing us among the best in the industry.

This means that our entire production cycle is certified and guaranteed to save natural resources and ensure the highest environmental performance.

according to Gidue

Sustainability is an increasingly important element in the leather tanning industry. Gidue has introduced the ‘chrome-free’ leather processing, a sustainable practice that involves the use of natural tannins and a service that we offer with the utmost respect for the environment and the values of our customers.

This practice not only reduces the environmental impact, as it does not use chemicals that are harmful to the ecosystem, but also guarantees a superior quality of the final product.

This is why we have decided to invest in technology and materials: to guarantee our customers high quality, durable and safe leathers that are also environmentally friendly. We are proud to offer this service, which demonstrates our attention to detail and our dedication to a sustainable future for all.