Our future.

We look at things closely, in order to go far.


We aspire to be recognised as a reliable partner for the development of innovative solutions in leather finishing, with total respect for environmental protection.


Our team works constantly to improve our products and technical skills to solve special needs, to optimise collaboration with suppliers, internal security and customer satisfaction.


Our pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit is based on respect and trust between people and our customers, on innovation and safety in our production systems, and on responsibility towards our suppliers, customers and territory.

We know how to analyse and test solutions in detail, we have creativity and inventiveness to always offer new products and finishes.

We have a special consideration for the environment around us. Large investments have been made and continue to be made in the search for new, non-polluting alternative production solutions, but always of the highest aesthetic quality.

The importance of people within a company has never been more central than in Gidue. Here in fact each one of us is fundamental in achieving the quality of a product or the perfection of a solution.
Those who take care of product sampling, those who take care of finishing, quality control and relations with customers and suppliers, all are driven by enthusiasm and passion.

This is how a team really works.