Gidue Pellami. Leather finishing and ennobling since 1987.

A journey that began more than 35 years ago, but really getting there means never stopping.

Loving what we do is the first rule for doing it well.

The tanning of hides is an art. Ennobling, a work of art.

The same pioneering impulse as 35 years ago, the same passion that has been handed down to us, the same conviction that only by working in a certain way can we accomplish great results.
Because excellence is never achieved by chance.

Giacomo Agosti

Gidue Pellami was founded in 1987 by Giacomo Agosti, who gave continuity to the family’s know-how in the leather finishing sector, enhancing it with research and innovation.

In just a few years, the company expanded, both in structure and processing.

Mr Agosti’s natural creative intuition and knowledge led to the birth of the patent-protected Odissea system in 2008.

The method combines Bycast processing techniques with the use of special finishing machinery to create an innovative process that ennobles the less valuable choices of bovine grain and leaves the softness and naturalness of the leather unaltered.